We are a kennel, which is looked after by people with many years of experience in running pedigree dogs kennel. In our group, among others, there is a veterinarian, who continuously and professionally looks after our animals. Our main goal and priority is to always have in our kennel dogs and bitches of the best origins and of the best line, which we can currently breed or obtain. In our kennel, the most important is the welfare of our animals and competent, and well thought pair mating, in order to obtain a perfect offspring. All this would not be possible if we did not share the passion, love and boundless devotion, and fascination for this beautiful breed. We are also very grateful to breeders of St. Bernard breed, who enhanced our kennel by providing the possibility of acquiring sires and breeding bitches and sharing their wide experience with us. We invite all breeders and persons interested in St. Bernards from our kennel.